We speak 2 languages here, English and Sex!

Now that I have your attention, Let me introduce myself . I’m Coach Audrey but on this blog you can call me MzLoveViewz! My husband is Coach Carl and we are Marriage-Relationship -Life Coaches. Welcome to our blog , where we will talk about all things pertaining to couples and men and woman issues.

Kudos’ to Moi, I received my Certification to teach Sexual Intimacy Techniques & Therapy. We will definitely be talking about sex up in here. I know sex, is a taboo subject to some , but that’s exactly the reason we don’t shy away from it here. Matter of fact we will be speaking about sex fluently. Scared of that ? This is not the blog for you. It needs more discussion in the context of romance and intimacy. Romance is a two-way street, and if you want your sex life to be exciting and fulfilling , then you need to take the steps to make that happen. Our blog is about sharing, how to keep connected to our partner’s through communication, intimacy. Most importantly how to keep the passion active and love alive. We invite you to subscribe to our blog, so that you may comment, get your questions answered and get to know us.



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