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Keep em Open!

Mmmm, Here’s a little tantilizing tidbit to make it hotter! I know what you heard, and how we get settled in doing things the same ole way. Spice it up, switch it up , Mmmmm, come a little closer I tell you how. Ssshh c’mere closer, ok this is the secret.

While lovemaking Keep Your Eyes Open! Ta daa that’s it. Hey don’t knock it, try it . Especially us ladies with our insecurities with our bodies , we insist on lights off , eyes closed. Stop! Relax he is not focused on your fat pockets or this or that. Most men are visuals so keep the view  on you , it will enhance his feelings of you. Try it , may seem awkward at first because we are so used to doing it the other way .   Baby, keep those eyes open, keep the lights on and take your time.   Mmm, look into their eyes as the passion is unleashed and the only vision they have is you.   Guarantee they will be so excited and can’t stop thinking of you . Tell your mate the new rules it will be fun and exciting and  Sextacular !!!

Don’t Stress Over The Holidays

Don’t allow the stress of the holidays unwrap the love you and your mate have.

The only thing that should be unraveling is the wrapping paper!

At holiday time, tensions abound even in the best of families. The backdrop for family dinners may have to do with who expects what, who can’t stand whom, whose house is center stage, whose traditions “win,” who’s impossible to buy presents for and who’s jealous of what.

Don’t worry about making everything perfect. Things will go wrong, people will get upset and disappointed. Take it all in stride and remember what the holidays is all about, God, family, love thankfulness and being together.

Between your budget, your family and your physical demands, you have enough on your plate during the holidays without having to deal with added stress. Use these tips on coping with stress to help put you back in the holiday spirit.

Communicate with your mate

Set a budget for you and your mate to shop from. Finance is tight for most people, stick to the budget and be happy.

If you can’t decide whose family house to celebrate, either have dinner at one and dessert at the other. If they are to far away, plan to go there next year. Try having everyone come to your house. Make a reasonable compromise that will make you both happy. You won’t be able to please everybody; just your mate will do just fine.

Let people help you.

Delegate and designate who to do what. Have everyone bring over a dish; those that don’t cook bring paper ware, drinks, and games. Set the food up buffet style, have everyone walk around the table serving themselves.

Before you and your mate go out, make a code word that you can say to each other to alert one another that “ok don’t talk about that”, “ I’m getting upset”, so as you wouldn’t argue or bicker in front of people.
My husband and I would develop some code words that we use to lighten the mood between us whenever family is getting too annoying. Or things seem to be going left, one I would use is ” Honey do you have any lifesavers” because to save us from doing or saying something we can’t get back we use the code to cool things down .

Blended families. 

Don’t be afraid to establish new traditions. Important thing you should remember about your in-laws is ,they made and raised that wonderful person you fell in love with.

Single people don’t let loneliness get to you over the holidays.

You don’t need a mate to be happy. Network with your girlfriends, go out have a gathering at your home, go to a play ,spa.  Go house hopping, party over here, dinner over there, enjoy yourself, network make new friends.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

The holidays are a time to celebrate and give thanks for everyone and everything that you have.
Remember: You may not be able to make your holiday perfect, but you can make it memorable.

Relax; enjoy the excitement of it all.


Subprime Marriages

     Having a high interest , yet no adjustable lifestyle that is at a fixed rate.
Marriage on the rocks, yet the rock I’m talking about is ice, looks like a solid substance,but melting before your eyes.   Because to the eye it appeared that they had it all , money, fame, looks. etc.
Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries marriage is over after a
multimillion dollar wedding event. Unfortunately this is the world in which we live in now.
Men have become lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. (2Tim3:4-5)  Regular folk are even paying thousands of dollars on wedding just to give others a performance.
Like the Wizard of Oz, go behind the curtain and you will see a couple arguing
over the bills and what they paid for it.  They can’t deal with a problem let
alone another person.  Their foundation was weak built on pretense and
fairy-tale’s.   Marvel not they are not ashamed as you might think , this has become  the way of the world.  This society has become a culture of ON To The Next.   Fast food , fast marriages, easy come, easy go. This is a culture that has left God, out and for that cause it is sinking sand. Not preaching but the word of God is unfolding and you can see it.  My husband and I went to a wedding that must have cost over hundred thousand dollars, every guest was given a big gift box filled with expensive wine and expensive chocolates and crystal glasses.  We talked about how that had to be the most expensive wedding we had ever been to.  I even remember thinking what would I do with that kind of money. They couple appeared so happy, picture perfect, they requested on the invitation no gifts were to be given but just make a donation to their charity in our name so we can begin to be givers like them.  Sadly that was in 2010 now in 2011 we received word they are divorcing.  It was almost inconceivable , until I thought about the times we are living in.  Just to reference a different time frame , my husband and I were married at the local City Hall in front of a Judge on Friday the 13 , 30 years ago. On our 10 year Anniversary we had a real wedding and renewed our vows.  I think today that is what should be done after a certain milestone then have the wedding ceremony.  We joined a church during our marriage and was taught how to have a relationship with God for ourselves.  We were taught about married life, and how to be content in what ever state we were in yet go higher but be content until it comes.  True teachings that are scarce today we will always be grateful to our Late Apostle Morehead and his son our Pastor Bishop John Morehead and family that instilled so much in us.  The same circumstance today that we had yester year the couples of today would fold and do fold .  In my closing I just want to say put God first and the rest it shall be added to you.   He is the glue that keeps you together even when everything and everyone is falling apart.