Keep em Open!

Mmmm, Here’s a little tantilizing tidbit to make it hotter! I know what you heard, and how we get settled in doing things the same ole way. Spice it up, switch it up , Mmmmm, come a little closer I tell you how. Ssshh c’mere closer, ok this is the secret.

While lovemaking Keep Your Eyes Open! Ta daa that’s it. Hey don’t knock it, try it . Especially us ladies with our insecurities with our bodies , we insist on lights off , eyes closed. Stop! Relax he is not focused on your fat pockets or this or that. Most men are visuals so keep the view  on you , it will enhance his feelings of you. Try it , may seem awkward at first because we are so used to doing it the other way .   Baby, keep those eyes open, keep the lights on and take your time.   Mmm, look into their eyes as the passion is unleashed and the only vision they have is you.   Guarantee they will be so excited and can’t stop thinking of you . Tell your mate the new rules it will be fun and exciting and  Sextacular !!!

5 thoughts on “Keep em Open!

    • I totally agree!It begins with self acceptence. Thank you for following and you are the first blogger to comment. As a blogger I’m sure you know that means a lot to us. I’m still trying to catch up on your blog , I had to go to the beginning, I’m a fan. Go to her blog people she rocks!

  1. Hi I like your blog. This post I had to comment made me laugh , because I insist on lights out . I will try it . Also like the mmmm (cute)

    • Thank you Camile, We tend to get stuck in a routine, who said your eyes can’t be open and lights on. It is a challenge because you so use to closing your eyes. blogging is new to us. We appreciate the comments, keep it coming it encourages us.

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