How Do Women Lose Their Power

  Like a faucet that has a leak , drip by drip, overtime it amounts to a
 large accumulation.  Unless you stayed in the room where the faucet
 was leaking you wasn’t even aware that the dripping was a problem .
 He was in the room where the faucet was leaking , and that constant
 drip,drop,drip,drop, began to irritate him , and he decided to fix it or
 tune it out.  Most men tune it out , until they realize how precious
                         the substance of the leak was in a drought, and the water runs dry.
That analogy of the faucet depicts  the woman and that precious substance 
that was leaking the water, depicts her power, strength,
dignity, self-worth, her essence etc.
Water is a vitally important resource without  it  there can be no life .
Likewise of the woman and their power, strength , essence without there can
be no life , no birth , no cycle or circle of life .
If we as woman know our worth , how come we are not cognizant of losing it? 
I believe just like the faucet we give our self up in small ways , and after it is
all summed up we find we are depleted and no longer of any value.
Married or single women , we all began to yield , give up, or lose our power to
people and most often times to the men we are in relationship with.
Yes to the men we love.
Oftentimes we don’t realize until it’s to late. We see the signs in our relationships,
when the man take us for granted , stop their pursuit of us and become to predict
what our next move is and get complacent .
It is as if they say that we are no longer worthy of all that special attention,
we have become devalued or put on the rack of the mark-downs.
Listen to the drips:
We became to available to the man , we answer his every call, we became
predictable which leads to his boredom.  We put his needs before ours .
We became needy, always looking for approval, obsessed about his life
forgetting we had one before he came along.
We defined ourselves by his action toward us , if it was less than we expected,
we developed low self esteem.  We surrendered our dreams , hobbies, gifts ,
careers, desires.
We mirrored him so much till we lost our own identity and we couldn’t,
recognize our own face because it no longer looked liked us.
He became our world and we revolved around him, although he changed on us
like the seasons we kept that same exterior .
When he became cold and distant we didn’t shield our self , we tolerated the
conditions extremes as they were.
When he became hot and bothered we exerted ourselves to try to keep him cool,
 how can I make his day brighter, his nights cooler.
In the fall instead of leaves falling it was our hair ,our confidence,  our health,
expectations of change .   In the spring instead of flowers coming up resentment
sprang up, sadness bloomed ,confusion , doubt.
Yet we would continue to plant the same seeds of fear of losing the man yet
we lost ourselves.
Some how along life’s highway we saw a stop sign , and mentally we took it in
our spirits.   We stopped all the things that we loved to do for ourselves.
Of course he doesn’t treat us the same , we are not the same person he
met at the beginning of the courtship.
Put out a missing person report because that person hasn’t been seen in a long
time, it is almost as if she never existed.
Who will cry for her, who misses her style , her smile, her pride, her laughter, strength ,vision , dreams, desires.
She has been silenced , no voice ,no defense , no screams of no more pain,
stop I do matter.
Somebody, drag the lake she might have drowned, in that body of water that
formed from that old leaky faucet.
Written By Coach Audrey Reed

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