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Married Yet Still Me

Don’t get lost, as you go down the aisle of life. You’re married, yet still you.  Keep that internal GPS of you. As you go through your life, dealing with troubles and stress you must always be able to find you.

Be a wife, a parent, and all the other titles you hold, but it is paramount that you don’t lose who you are.

Still go for your dreams, still do the things you love. You wear so many titles yet be the master of you.

You’re so unique and so needed, you’re beautiful, sexy, lovely all things soft yet so very strong.

Celebrate you, love you, inspire you, caress you. What a beautiful being you are, your husband knows, your children recognize, and the mirror reflects what’s inside. You said I do, now say it just for you. Repeat as you read.

I do matter, I do need time for me, I do love me more than I love you. I’m already complete, I’m sexy, I’m intelligent, strong, caring, never fearing losing myself. Red, white, fuchsia, pink all the colors of me as I think. Life begins with me, my womb is the world. I’m married yet still me.

That little girl who use to skip and hide is still inside, she just wants to play hide and seek so go find her.

You’re so unique, one of a kind and so divine. I’m married yet still me.

I have a spouse and I take care of all the inhabitants of my house. It’s clean, and well stocked so many things to do around the clock. I rise with the sun, yet at the end of the day there are still things to be done.

I must take some time replenish, refresh and unwind, it’s so very important I get my me time.

Tomorrow is another day I will answer the many calls of honey, Mom, boss, sister, aunt, friend.  After all is said and done, I must answer to one, me. Married yet still me.

Shh, come here, close the door make time for you, she is here you know and all she wants it time with you.

You will imagine, you will create, you will push and even vacillate, you have the ring yet above all, you are the main thing.

I love my husband we are the ingredients in this marriage. We make this thing called our life, he brings the flavor, I bring the spice.

My mantra is loving myself it’s contagious.  Because when you love yourself others will receive it and Love you to.

Women don’t be your own foe, Whoa! To thine own self be true. Always remember you.

I’m married yet still me.

Audrey Reed is a Life /Marriage Relationship Coach     Aka/MzLoveViewz 

I’m not only a Coach but I’m a product of Relationship Coaching. My marriage was saved by countless sessions by my coach when an affair threatened my marriage. Now it’s my turn to give back.  To empower couples and others to love again, believe again, trust again.

My Blog Has A Heartbeat

I read an awesome blog post today, that asked the question, “why do you blog?  This is my answer.

I’m a woman and like most woman I’m an over thinker.  I analyze ,I dissect, I want to know the chronological, sequence of events. Who said what, what did you say.  I’m not nosy or a busy body, a blog is open to everyone, if I stop by to read I will let you know I was there. My opinion is this or that. Does anyone hear me , does anyone care.  I want to matter , I want to help. This is my excess, my storage place for my thoughts , this is my Icloud yet it can be read aloud. I read to explore, I write to soar, allowing my thoughts to fly, to be birthed, to land on earth a chance to be heard around the universe.  A blog is a diary with a heartbeat, a voice with and echo, an echo that gets a response.  Hello is anybody out there, does anyone hear me.  We all have stories, and some that are relating, encouraging, inspiring. engaging.  I want to reach someone who feels what I felt.  If I can help somebody along this way then my blogging is not in vain. I want to let them know, It’s ok to love again, believe again, try again, start again, forgive again, trust again.   Don’t shut down, shut out, feel alienated, you are not what happen to you. You’re more than that , change your perspective, change how you perceive it and you can change your life. Start again, try something you’ve never tried before, this is your one life go for it. I recommend blogging to my clients, to any introvert, to anyone that is going through something painful, something challenging, something wonderful, something praiseworthy.

Blog anonymously, blog with a pseudo but by all means blog. Blogging empowers you.

  • Write a sentence
  •  A quote
  •  Post a picture
  • Post a thought
  • A dream
  • A recipe 
  • Be inspiring
  • Be encouraging
  • Be informative

 Be aware  because somebody is out there.

To my fellow bloggers, you are a strong supportive community,I salute you.  You have enlarged my world, my thoughts, my happiness. You’re my BFF in my head, you’re the friends I always wanted but never had.  I would have never met you, most likely passed you on the street never looking up until your blog.

  • You liked my post
  •  Commented
  •  Nominated
  • Validated
  • Encouraged
  • Befriended

 I’m grateful, I’m blessed because you stopped by.  Encourage a blogger today, like their post, take the time to comment, because when you do, it feels awesome when a blogger gives a comment.  Follow a blogger today to encourage them, set up an email just for joining blogs. You will be randomly giving someone a smile ,a  hug an encouragement that cost nothing yet it’s priceless.   It’s reciprocal, reaping, sowing, its bestowing, beneficial, anyway you look at it.  You learn, share, receive, give, explore, travel without leaving your house. You learn about different cultures, opinions, education, recipes, gifts, photography, ideologies theology.  Relationships, communities, companies, brands. voices.  It’s a whole new world. I blog because I’m happy, I blog because I have something to say, I want to encourage , inspire, help, heal, make someone smile, happy. I blog because I can.  There is a possibility that some will not like it, some will even criticize, why would they I don’t know.  Don’t let anyone silence your voice written or verbally. You’re unique, and that is the flavor that is missing, so share yourself, your world, your thoughts with us.  Be like a candle because when you share and give light to others it takes nothing away from you. I believe it adds to you in countless, marvelous ways enriching your life. To my fellow bloggers, thank you for your courage to post, educate, inspire, entertain and share your world.  

Let’s keep this going, tell me why you blog? 

Let me know you came by please,  like this post, comment, as you can see I left the light on.

Loving Myself It’s Contagious !

Loving myself is contagious, because when I love me you will receive it and love me too!
1st full week of my 90 days weight loss get fit Challenge.
Who am I challenging? Myself, to bring my best self forward. I want to be healthy and fit , that means exercising and eating right.
Being sexy , well that is just what I am, nobody defines that for me but me. Its confidence, happy about myself , taking care of myself,not being critical of myself. Sure I mess up but then I continue on striving to do better.
As a married woman I believe that you should continue to strive to maintain your visual for your husband. Give him something to think about, not shy at all that is my man. I have to bring it each and every time. For me staying within the same weight I was when I dated him. Now I’m 30 pounds over that weight and that alone causes me to get back to where I want to be. I want to get back there I felt good at that weight, I liked the way my clothes fit at that weight. So that is where I’m headed. I was at home on the treadmill when Beyonce song came on Love on Top. As I began to jog a little faster to the beat I began to listen to the words and one verse says
“Baby it’s you.You’re the one I love.You’re the one I need.You’re the only one I see.Come on baby it’s you. You’re the one that gives your all.You’re the one I can always call.When I need you make everything stop.
Finally you put my love on top.”
It resonated with me ,that yes it’s me, I need to put my love on top for myself . Oh yes my husband well there is no if and but’s about that . After God I should be right there.  But until I do it, that is when it counts. So I’m getting fit for me putting that self-love on top, once and for all like Beyonce sings Finally!

Loving myself it’s contagious!

1st week, happy to report I’ve lost 8 pounds, and a lot of negative thinking.

Not to late to join me  C’mon!

Forward March!

 Move with momentum, in getting your life and relationship the way you truly want it to be. In order to do that we have to change somethings and implement some new things .In every area of your life there is room for improvement.  Push yourself,challenge yourself, go for your dreams. What is your passion, your destiny? A good time to get the answers to those questions is now, right now!   We can always look at someone else and point out what they need to do, but this questions is for you. Look around you everything you see started with a thought from someone, and yes they failed many times to bring it into fruition. It will take hard work, consistency, and belief.  You have to want it and believe that you can attain it and fulfill it.  I’m so inspired by these bloggers, don’t be afraid to just do it.  Failing at something does not mean the end, to the contrary it means try it a different way.  It not about how many times you started and stopped, because you’re closer then you was before, so start again.  Being accountable to someone gives you and advantage, because you won’t stop so quickly.  I have a challenge and a Dare for you, will you join me .

  1.      The first one is for couples,  we have a 30 Day Love Dare, that we like you to join us in.
  2.      For all the ladies married/ single please join me (MzLoveviewz) in a 90 Day Weight Loss/ Get Fit Challenge.

Please comment to inspire us also to let me know if you’re going to join us.  I will email you with details so we can have private chats and video updates for the 90 day Weight Loss/ Get Fit challenge. Please join us for the Couples Love Dare, this will 30 days of Group Coaching no fee so join in.  Forward March!

C’mon join me ! MzLoveViewz