My Blog Has A Heartbeat

I read an awesome blog post today, that asked the question, “why do you blog?  This is my answer.

I’m a woman and like most woman I’m an over thinker.  I analyze ,I dissect, I want to know the chronological, sequence of events. Who said what, what did you say.  I’m not nosy or a busy body, a blog is open to everyone, if I stop by to read I will let you know I was there. My opinion is this or that. Does anyone hear me , does anyone care.  I want to matter , I want to help. This is my excess, my storage place for my thoughts , this is my Icloud yet it can be read aloud. I read to explore, I write to soar, allowing my thoughts to fly, to be birthed, to land on earth a chance to be heard around the universe.  A blog is a diary with a heartbeat, a voice with and echo, an echo that gets a response.  Hello is anybody out there, does anyone hear me.  We all have stories, and some that are relating, encouraging, inspiring. engaging.  I want to reach someone who feels what I felt.  If I can help somebody along this way then my blogging is not in vain. I want to let them know, It’s ok to love again, believe again, try again, start again, forgive again, trust again.   Don’t shut down, shut out, feel alienated, you are not what happen to you. You’re more than that , change your perspective, change how you perceive it and you can change your life. Start again, try something you’ve never tried before, this is your one life go for it. I recommend blogging to my clients, to any introvert, to anyone that is going through something painful, something challenging, something wonderful, something praiseworthy.

Blog anonymously, blog with a pseudo but by all means blog. Blogging empowers you.

  • Write a sentence
  •  A quote
  •  Post a picture
  • Post a thought
  • A dream
  • A recipe 
  • Be inspiring
  • Be encouraging
  • Be informative

 Be aware  because somebody is out there.

To my fellow bloggers, you are a strong supportive community,I salute you.  You have enlarged my world, my thoughts, my happiness. You’re my BFF in my head, you’re the friends I always wanted but never had.  I would have never met you, most likely passed you on the street never looking up until your blog.

  • You liked my post
  •  Commented
  •  Nominated
  • Validated
  • Encouraged
  • Befriended

 I’m grateful, I’m blessed because you stopped by.  Encourage a blogger today, like their post, take the time to comment, because when you do, it feels awesome when a blogger gives a comment.  Follow a blogger today to encourage them, set up an email just for joining blogs. You will be randomly giving someone a smile ,a  hug an encouragement that cost nothing yet it’s priceless.   It’s reciprocal, reaping, sowing, its bestowing, beneficial, anyway you look at it.  You learn, share, receive, give, explore, travel without leaving your house. You learn about different cultures, opinions, education, recipes, gifts, photography, ideologies theology.  Relationships, communities, companies, brands. voices.  It’s a whole new world. I blog because I’m happy, I blog because I have something to say, I want to encourage , inspire, help, heal, make someone smile, happy. I blog because I can.  There is a possibility that some will not like it, some will even criticize, why would they I don’t know.  Don’t let anyone silence your voice written or verbally. You’re unique, and that is the flavor that is missing, so share yourself, your world, your thoughts with us.  Be like a candle because when you share and give light to others it takes nothing away from you. I believe it adds to you in countless, marvelous ways enriching your life. To my fellow bloggers, thank you for your courage to post, educate, inspire, entertain and share your world.  

Let’s keep this going, tell me why you blog? 

Let me know you came by please,  like this post, comment, as you can see I left the light on.


7 thoughts on “My Blog Has A Heartbeat

  1. Audrey, as always you are so expressive and honest. Yours is one of the very few sites that I make a point of always visiting. Thank you so much. Many blessings, alan

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words. I have written for years with the hope of writing a book some day, but blogging is an excellent alternative! I love it and will continue to blog. It frees my mind, heart and spirit…and keeps me connected with others who are probably thinking similar thoughts. We are our brothers’ (and sisters’) keepers, so let’s keep each other encouraged through blogging!

    • Theressa – you just write that book! It’s never too late. I have just written my first book and I have been wanting to do that for over 45 years! You just start somewhere and write some stuff, and then you reorganise it, and suddenly a book appears. It’s magic! I wish you every success, alan

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