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7 Signs You Are Drifting Apart


1) Eating Separately
When you are home you don’t eat together at the same table.
Life becomes so hurried that even when we are home we eat in different places. Different times,he eats in the living room, you in the bedroom.
Take it back to the table. Set a beautiful table with flowers and just began to eat together especially if you have children.

2) Short conversations.
Only talk about the bills, the kids, but not about each other.
Remember how you use to talk with each other for hours. Let’s do it again.
How you doing Babe? I kinda miss us.
Think of things you can say that will cause you both to engage each other.

3) Stop Touching
No hugging, caressing, no holding hands.
Began again, sit next to her and began to rub her arms,legs etc. Massage his temples back. They need it more than you know, and you do too.

4) Stopped Kissing
Just a little peck, forehead kiss not on lips.
No tongue. That is intimacy. You must not stop kissing without the tongue. Kiss again this time slide that tongue in their and give it a little twist. It will surprise you what that will do.

5) Stopped Dating
Don’t go out to movies, plays, concerts. Using excuses like money, I rather stay in. Nobody to watch the kids. Find a way. No excuses, make a date once a month. One month he pick the place next time you. Try to out do each other.

6) Stopped flirting
No sexting, no sexy pictures sent, no phone sexy. This is conducive to keeping your love alive. It’s necessary, it’s foreplay. Start today, you read this post now send the text. That simple!

7) Stopped Making Love
Can’t remember when? To tired, to stressed. Making love will release the stress, will give you energy. A quickie is good sometimes, role play, and of course that slap that behind good slow lovemaking. Foreplay included!
Go ahead bring it all back today.
Drifting away happens subtly and before you know it, you lost that loving feeling.
Being in a relationship, marriage, requires maintenance. Remind yourself how and why you fell in love.
It’s ok to love again.

Coach Audrey Reed

Cut !!


Did you hear about Luda cheating on his fiancée ? Oh and why did Gabrielle accept that ring from Wade after he cheated ? Always gossiping
Cut !
Status’s and tweets oh my and to think it’s not even your guy.
How can you rate what someone else should tolerate.
Who do you think you are in derision over other people’s relationship decision? Never say never because when it shows up on your doorstep you won’t be so clever! To much time on your hands you need to be about your own plans. Because truth be told you have accepted or dealt with things in your relationship or life that may have caused you strife. Yet you swallowed your voice and lived like you had no choice.
Your opinion is not a factor, truth be told you’re not even a detractor. Sounds like to me you just an actor with out a script so listen up it’s time to say cut. Stop being an extra and you’re not even on the set.
Call action in your own life, because as you are dealing with this, your’s is on pause.
Why did I make this into a rap? Well since all the talk is about a rapper it’s ode to the Luda and the baller Wade who would tell you to bounce!
Y’all know it’s insane go back to your life and tune in to Mary Jane!

Coach Audrey!