Carl and I , are multifaceted, you may know us through Church, jobs, family, friends, Coaching etc.  In whatever aspect you know us, I’m sure you can say we are genuine.  This is our blog where we will share things about being a couple that will help other couples .
We ‘re not a perfect couple , nor do we claim to be . We accept that we will always be, two imperfect people that choose to love each other while the work is being completed by God.  That make us perfect for each other.
Candidly, we share the lessons we’ve learned, so others can prevent affairs.
 Having overcome an extramarital affair in our  marriage, we speak straight from the heart, helping couples to recover from infidelity and broken trust.
 Sharing how to keep your relationship relevant, to your mind, body and spirit. 
Here we can talk about various issues concerning relationships , so let’s start discussing.   Join us ,let us hear your comments and views. 


Visit our website Ok2Loveagain.com Coach Carl & Coach Audrey Reed -The Passionate Pursuit 2 Loving Again
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