Keep em Open!


Mmmm, Here’s a little tantilizing tidbit to make it hotter! I know what you heard, and how we get settled in doing things the same ole way. Spice it up, switch it up , Mmmmm, come a little closer I tell you how. Ssshh c’mere closer, ok this is the secret.

While lovemaking Keep Your Eyes Open! Ta daa that’s it. Hey don’t knock it, try it . Especially us ladies with our insecurities with our bodies , we insist on lights off , eyes closed. Stop! Relax he is not focused on your fat pockets or this or that. Most men are visuals so keep the view  on you , it will enhance his feelings of you. Try it , may seem awkward at first because we are so used to doing it the other way .   Baby, keep those eyes open, keep the lights on and take your time.   Mmm, look…

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Love Has No Expiration


#Robin Thicke, Paula Patton separate after eight years of marriage.

We at Ok2loveagain are saddened to hear the report of Thicke & Patton’s marital problems. The media, stated separation, I hope they find it’s Ok2loveagain.

Let me talk about love. I believe love has no expiration. Love can not die or be destroyed!
Love is from God and of God. That part can’t be deleted. We just place it in a perspective context to adjust from the hurt. We compartmentalize it. Case and point We love from a distance, love as a friend, in love (active).Love as a caring way yet not in love. We choose not to dwell on the kind of love we had with that person. Yet dwell or not it’s there, and because we entered that realm there is no way out. It’s love on a dimmer, a low light if you will. Yet love all the same.

Love Is Powerful!
Love is more powerful than pain.
Love is more powerful than betrayal.
Pain will subside, anger will dissipate and when everything finally settles. Love will be there, because love never fails. See that’s powerful!

I can’t speak on why it happened, because honestly we only know in part. We only have a glimpse of their life, so to speak on the little we know would be unkind.
Anytime you go through a break-up of a relationship for any reason it’s traumatic. Their’s is being unfolded on the world’s stage, it magnifies it to the hundredth power.
My thoughts and prayers are with them.
Let’s hope for them that their marriage will be repaired and be like a sequel better than the first time around.

Are you dealing with any relationship issues? As a coach I tell my clients that it is vital to repair your relationship daily. The small cracks that happen every day becomes the break up someday.

Invest in your marriage and hire a coach today. Relationship coaches are not only for broken couples. It’s for couples that want to remain fortified. It’s maintenance for the life of the marriage and it strengthens each person individually as well as together.

I’m Coach Audrey Reed/MzloveViewz

Wednesday When?


There are a myriad of things to keep your relationship alive. Just think back on the early days of your courtship. It’s Wednesday and here at Ok2LoveAgain we like to call it #WednesdayWhen?
Ask yourself, when was the last time you cooked together? Make a new recipe together. Prep together, seasoned it, a little finger tasting mmmm. Once it’s done, sit down and eat together. How romantic, not to mention fun. Hey Valentine Day is this week, restaurants will be crazy. Pick a nice and easy recipe like seafood. If you don’t like to cook put together a nice salad. Go ahead try it!
Perfect recipe to keep the love alive!

MzLoveViewz / Coach Audrey

Say something lol anything👀

7 Signs You Are Drifting Apart


1) Eating Separately
When you are home you don’t eat together at the same table.
Life becomes so hurried that even when we are home we eat in different places. Different times,he eats in the living room, you in the bedroom.
Take it back to the table. Set a beautiful table with flowers and just began to eat together especially if you have children.

2) Short conversations.
Only talk about the bills, the kids, but not about each other.
Remember how you use to talk with each other for hours. Let’s do it again.
How you doing Babe? I kinda miss us.
Think of things you can say that will cause you both to engage each other.

3) Stop Touching
No hugging, caressing, no holding hands.
Began again, sit next to her and began to rub her arms,legs etc. Massage his temples back. They need it more than you know, and you do too.

4) Stopped Kissing
Just a little peck, forehead kiss not on lips.
No tongue. That is intimacy. You must not stop kissing without the tongue. Kiss again this time slide that tongue in their and give it a little twist. It will surprise you what that will do.

5) Stopped Dating
Don’t go out to movies, plays, concerts. Using excuses like money, I rather stay in. Nobody to watch the kids. Find a way. No excuses, make a date once a month. One month he pick the place next time you. Try to out do each other.

6) Stopped flirting
No sexting, no sexy pictures sent, no phone sexy. This is conducive to keeping your love alive. It’s necessary, it’s foreplay. Start today, you read this post now send the text. That simple!

7) Stopped Making Love
Can’t remember when? To tired, to stressed. Making love will release the stress, will give you energy. A quickie is good sometimes, role play, and of course that slap that behind good slow lovemaking. Foreplay included!
Go ahead bring it all back today.
Drifting away happens subtly and before you know it, you lost that loving feeling.
Being in a relationship, marriage, requires maintenance. Remind yourself how and why you fell in love.
It’s ok to love again.

Coach Audrey Reed

Cut !!


Did you hear about Luda cheating on his fiancée ? Oh and why did Gabrielle accept that ring from Wade after he cheated ? Always gossiping
Cut !
Status’s and tweets oh my and to think it’s not even your guy.
How can you rate what someone else should tolerate.
Who do you think you are in derision over other people’s relationship decision? Never say never because when it shows up on your doorstep you won’t be so clever! To much time on your hands you need to be about your own plans. Because truth be told you have accepted or dealt with things in your relationship or life that may have caused you strife. Yet you swallowed your voice and lived like you had no choice.
Your opinion is not a factor, truth be told you’re not even a detractor. Sounds like to me you just an actor with out a script so listen up it’s time to say cut. Stop being an extra and you’re not even on the set.
Call action in your own life, because as you are dealing with this, your’s is on pause.
Why did I make this into a rap? Well since all the talk is about a rapper it’s ode to the Luda and the baller Wade who would tell you to bounce!
Y’all know it’s insane go back to your life and tune in to Mary Jane!

Coach Audrey!

Forward March!

 Move with momentum, in getting your life and relationship the way you truly want it to be. In order to do that we have to change somethings and implement some new things .In every area of your life there is room for improvement.  Push yourself,challenge yourself, go for your dreams. What is your passion, your destiny? A good time to get the answers to those questions is now, right now!   We can always look at someone else and point out what they need to do, but this questions is for you. Look around you everything you see started with a thought from someone, and yes they failed many times to bring it into fruition. It will take hard work, consistency, and belief.  You have to want it and believe that you can attain it and fulfill it.  I’m so inspired by these bloggers, don’t be afraid to just do it.  Failing at something does not mean the end, to the contrary it means try it a different way.  It not about how many times you started and stopped, because you’re closer then you was before, so start again.  Being accountable to someone gives you and advantage, because you won’t stop so quickly.  I have a challenge and a Dare for you, will you join me .

  1.      The first one is for couples,  we have a 30 Day Love Dare, that we like you to join us in.
  2.      For all the ladies married/ single please join me (MzLoveviewz) in a 90 Day Weight Loss/ Get Fit Challenge.

Please comment to inspire us also to let me know if you’re going to join us.  I will email you with details so we can have private chats and video updates for the 90 day Weight Loss/ Get Fit challenge. Please join us for the Couples Love Dare, this will 30 days of Group Coaching no fee so join in.  Forward March!

C’mon join me ! MzLoveViewz

Mad Dash

madd dash

The end of the year is approaching. That does not mean the end of your opportunities , continue to go toward your goals. It’s time to sprint! When a runner is approaching the finish line, he run’s faster then he did the entire race . You see the end now Sprint! #Coach Audrey

The end of the year is ap…

The end of the year is approaching. That does not mean the end of your opportunities , continue to go toward your goals. It’s time to sprint! When a runner is approaching the finish line, he run’s faster then he did the entire race . You see the end now Sprint! #Coach Audrey

Don’t Stress Over The Holidays

Don’t allow the stress of the holidays unwrap the love you and your mate have.

The only thing that should be unraveling is the wrapping paper!

At holiday time, tensions abound even in the best of families. The backdrop for family dinners may have to do with who expects what, who can’t stand whom, whose house is center stage, whose traditions “win,” who’s impossible to buy presents for and who’s jealous of what.

Don’t worry about making everything perfect. Things will go wrong, people will get upset and disappointed. Take it all in stride and remember what the holidays is all about, God, family, love thankfulness and being together.

Between your budget, your family and your physical demands, you have enough on your plate during the holidays without having to deal with added stress. Use these tips on coping with stress to help put you back in the holiday spirit.

Communicate with your mate

Set a budget for you and your mate to shop from. Finance is tight for most people, stick to the budget and be happy.

If you can’t decide whose family house to celebrate, either have dinner at one and dessert at the other. If they are to far away, plan to go there next year. Try having everyone come to your house. Make a reasonable compromise that will make you both happy. You won’t be able to please everybody; just your mate will do just fine.

Let people help you.

Delegate and designate who to do what. Have everyone bring over a dish; those that don’t cook bring paper ware, drinks, and games. Set the food up buffet style, have everyone walk around the table serving themselves.

Before you and your mate go out, make a code word that you can say to each other to alert one another that “ok don’t talk about that”, “ I’m getting upset”, so as you wouldn’t argue or bicker in front of people.
My husband and I would develop some code words that we use to lighten the mood between us whenever family is getting too annoying. Or things seem to be going left, one I would use is ” Honey do you have any lifesavers” because to save us from doing or saying something we can’t get back we use the code to cool things down .

Blended families. 

Don’t be afraid to establish new traditions. Important thing you should remember about your in-laws is ,they made and raised that wonderful person you fell in love with.

Single people don’t let loneliness get to you over the holidays.

You don’t need a mate to be happy. Network with your girlfriends, go out have a gathering at your home, go to a play ,spa.  Go house hopping, party over here, dinner over there, enjoy yourself, network make new friends.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

The holidays are a time to celebrate and give thanks for everyone and everything that you have.
Remember: You may not be able to make your holiday perfect, but you can make it memorable.

Relax; enjoy the excitement of it all.