MzIn2MeC  -the Sexual Intimacy Techniques & Therapy Coach

Note: Please Submit letters and questions via comments, I will respond privately or if you would like I will post for all to learn from thanks.

 Here you will find jewels of Tantilizing tips Mmmmm it will get hot in here! Spicy!Mmmm


2 thoughts on “Q/A

  1. My question to you is should a saved married couple use toys in the bedroom? If so how do you introduce to your mate?

    • Hi Camille, good question. If that is something you or your mate is interested in why not, my answer is yes. The bible states in Hebrews 13v4 ” the married bed is undefiled” And I will paraphrase, you and your husband are married and as long as you both agree as consenting adults between the two of you. A Sex toy is a enhancement a accompaniment if you will that can bring pleasure and excitement to the both of you. To the second part of your question , you take him on a date to the sex toy shop look around, ask him is there something in there he likes. You can even view a sex toy shop online in the privacy of your home. Have fun and spice it up. Keep the questions and comments coming. Thank you

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