MzLoveViewz Dictionary

MzLoveViewz language Jargon

  • In2MeC a word that is clothed in a privacy of a being ,in a naked way. To know your partner in every realm. Like/Intimacy

Used in a Sentence:    To love me is to get In2MeC .

  • Dusty-  All people made from dirt, yet because they have this perception , money or title they think they better than you.
    Equal in the eyes of God, made from dirt don’t care how you dress it up.
    With riches, titles, or degree’s you still have to use the commode like every body else and look back baby it’s not pretty.  Ok, ok, you say dirt I say dusty.

Used in a Sentence:  Don’t try to revoke my christian card you dusty just like me.

Sextacular –  Like spectacular, but if we are talking about sex , sex tips and  it’s off the chain then it’s Sextacular!


My original quotes ” Keep the (y) in sexy otherwise it’s just sex.”

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