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When Was The Last Time You Let Your Mate Slide?


It’s Wednesday and here at Ok2LoveAgain,we like to call it #WednesdayWhen?

When Was The Last Time You Let Your Mate Slide?

Slide as in free pass, overlook, give them a break. Allow room for errors. Don’t be so critical.
Allow room for mistakes.
Don’t blow up when they bring the wrong product from the store.
Give your mate space for errors, wrong decisions, to not always say the right things. They may not make the best choices all the time. We
are fallible beings, we will screw up. Every wrong word, every misstep, does not need a lecture or a finger pointed.
Stop keeping score, every new day is a chance to be better. Therefore every day we start fresh, no score. Arguments would be fewer if we give each other a chance to be human. Try not to be so critical, irritable, a little consideration goes a long way. When you find your self doing wrong or made a mistake be quick to apologize.

Correct your actions when they are revealed. Don’t be easily offended. You are with someone that truly loves you and would not want to purposely hurt or make you unhappy.
Give your relationship a chance, extend the credit to them. Pre-approve their love account. If you can do this your relationship will have a longer love life.
If your going to make a withdrawal from that person by critiquing them or pointing out their wrong.
Make sure you have deposited words of love and encouragement and praise. Because if you withdraw with out depositing first, you will get a return you would not like. Insufficient love, at a ebb do not withdraw without risk of closing the account permanently.
Be sure when you are about to point out their misdeeds, make sure your tone is soft and with care,not loud and stern as if you are correcting a child.
Respect is paramount and you must consider each other’s feeling on a matter before you act.
Keep in mind, you are talking to someone you love and who loves you in return.
This breaks down the lines of communication between the couple. The mate on the receiving end of the reprimand, or disapproval will began to feel inadequate. They will feel like they are unable to discuss things with you because of your critical view of them. Walls will began to go up, intimacy will be affected and conflict will rise.
Repair your relationship daily. The small cracks that happens every day becomes the break up someday.
It’s better to be more understanding and let our words of disappointments and correction be few. This is conducive to many years of love and peace in your life.
Minimize the negatives and magnify the positives, that works for me. I have been married for 33 years and
believe me I know,with every Marital Anniversary came some adversity!
In your relationship make room for errors. Slide!

Same applies to you,give yourself room for errors.
There will be mistakes and falls, and bad choices. That’s the cycle of life, when you know better do better.

MzloveViewz/ Coach Audrey Reed
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Keep em Open!


Mmmm, Here’s a little tantilizing tidbit to make it hotter! I know what you heard, and how we get settled in doing things the same ole way. Spice it up, switch it up , Mmmmm, come a little closer I tell you how. Ssshh c’mere closer, ok this is the secret.

While lovemaking Keep Your Eyes Open! Ta daa that’s it. Hey don’t knock it, try it . Especially us ladies with our insecurities with our bodies , we insist on lights off , eyes closed. Stop! Relax he is not focused on your fat pockets or this or that. Most men are visuals so keep the view  on you , it will enhance his feelings of you. Try it , may seem awkward at first because we are so used to doing it the other way .   Baby, keep those eyes open, keep the lights on and take your time.   Mmm, look…

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Love Has No Expiration


#Robin Thicke, Paula Patton separate after eight years of marriage.

We at Ok2loveagain are saddened to hear the report of Thicke & Patton’s marital problems. The media, stated separation, I hope they find it’s Ok2loveagain.

Let me talk about love. I believe love has no expiration. Love can not die or be destroyed!
Love is from God and of God. That part can’t be deleted. We just place it in a perspective context to adjust from the hurt. We compartmentalize it. Case and point We love from a distance, love as a friend, in love (active).Love as a caring way yet not in love. We choose not to dwell on the kind of love we had with that person. Yet dwell or not it’s there, and because we entered that realm there is no way out. It’s love on a dimmer, a low light if you will. Yet love all the same.

Love Is Powerful!
Love is more powerful than pain.
Love is more powerful than betrayal.
Pain will subside, anger will dissipate and when everything finally settles. Love will be there, because love never fails. See that’s powerful!

I can’t speak on why it happened, because honestly we only know in part. We only have a glimpse of their life, so to speak on the little we know would be unkind.
Anytime you go through a break-up of a relationship for any reason it’s traumatic. Their’s is being unfolded on the world’s stage, it magnifies it to the hundredth power.
My thoughts and prayers are with them.
Let’s hope for them that their marriage will be repaired and be like a sequel better than the first time around.

Are you dealing with any relationship issues? As a coach I tell my clients that it is vital to repair your relationship daily. The small cracks that happen every day becomes the break up someday.

Invest in your marriage and hire a coach today. Relationship coaches are not only for broken couples. It’s for couples that want to remain fortified. It’s maintenance for the life of the marriage and it strengthens each person individually as well as together.

I’m Coach Audrey Reed/MzloveViewz

Wednesday When?


There are a myriad of things to keep your relationship alive. Just think back on the early days of your courtship. It’s Wednesday and here at Ok2LoveAgain we like to call it #WednesdayWhen?
Ask yourself, when was the last time you cooked together? Make a new recipe together. Prep together, seasoned it, a little finger tasting mmmm. Once it’s done, sit down and eat together. How romantic, not to mention fun. Hey Valentine Day is this week, restaurants will be crazy. Pick a nice and easy recipe like seafood. If you don’t like to cook put together a nice salad. Go ahead try it!
Perfect recipe to keep the love alive!

MzLoveViewz / Coach Audrey


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Heart Preach


Practice what you preach.
Love should be shown and told.
The way I love is all year long.
Valentine’s Day should be an addendum of your love not a cue.
This Valentine Day love as a way of life,not a reminder to appreciate something you had all along. Love your partner with resources of gifts and the given. Gift them yes as you should in appreciation of their essence. Give to them your time, your attention your exclusivity of affection. Valentine’s Day is meant to be a continuation of appreciation not as a reminder as some think. If you need a day like a birthday, anniversary or holiday to remind you to show your love then you might be guilty of taken your love one for granted.
Love should be evident.
Everyday you share with your loved one is another chance to show and tell them how much they mean to you. Cherish the day each and every way. We sometimes take each other for granted for a space of time. The moment we realize it,we must correct our actions and deposit the love and care necessary. We women tend to be a little more emotional about this.
If you celebrate it ,Valentine’s Day should be an addendum of your love not a cue.

If you’re single make sure the same is true for you. Love and pamper yourself just because!

Have A Sexcessful and Sextacular Year Pt 2

To have a Sexcessful and Sextacular New Year, with your mate you must put in the time and effort.

The bond you share with your mate is unlike any other bond, it goes to the core of your soul. Because you become one with them sexually.  That creates an unmatched relationship with any other creature.  The bible calls it to know them.

This isn‚Äôt the same kind of marriage you grew up on. ¬†Today’s marriages and relationships have to deal with attention pulling from all areas, social media, twitter, Facebook, videos, TV, movies.¬† To keep your relationship fresh, and paramount, you do have to present your best self. Take a look in the mirror would you date you. Is there something you want to improve on, weight, body whatever to give them your best self.¬†¬† Because we are inundated with sex,sex, sex,everywhere which in turn is a spirit of temptation.¬†¬†

I stay in a sexy mind-set most of the time because I’m sensual.¬† I have to give myself props for this because I kept it contained for one man all these years.¬† Not that I didn’t have temptation or the opportunity but it’s a choice and I have power over that.¬† So say what you want, It works for me.¬† I love being a woman and now that I’m at this age it has increased to the 10th power!¬† I love finding¬†new ¬†ways to love my husband.

Keep an open mind ladies especially, update your knowledge and beliefs about sex. ¬†Picture if you will a person that is paralyzed or handicapped in a way that does not allow them to have sex in the “normal” way. Yet they want to still be loved and be lov.ing to their partner so they have to come up with other ways to have that intimacy. ¬†¬†That may include performing orally, or with toys, or just touching certain parts of the body. They have to become in tune with their skin, senses, and mind-set. ¬†Now that you pictured it , doesn’t that do away with being squeamish, or saying something is vulgar, or nasty. ¬†Some of you may even say well my partner is not handicapped so we can indulge the regular way. That is true but if you have a partner that desires more and/or to bring another level to your intimacy. ¬†Some of us received our information about sex from our upbringing, church, peers, and a lot of it was either wrong or outdated. That is why my opinion is a married couple should be the happiest of all. Because you have that trust between you and your partner to explore and to make it all about each other’s pleasure.¬†¬† The goal should be to enrich the relationship sexually and otherwise. ¬†Like “Alice and Wonderland go down the rabbit hole” You become aware.

Warning¬†do not attempt any of this, if you have not taken care of your partners emotional needs.¬† Meeting each other’s emotional needs is the purpose of marriage.¬† Neglect of their emotional needs is the key reason for divorce .

 I have so much to share we have to make a part three. 

On the next article we will get to the juicy part, ( no pun intended ) ok maybe a little.




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Have A Sexcessful And Sextacular Year

¬†Yes, you read it¬†right, ¬†this is a blog for married couples ,relationships. ¬†I know what some of you are thinking ,she loves to talk about¬†sex ¬†and you’re right.¬† I’m legal, married and very sensual.¬† Yes I’m still saved and my husband is still a man of God. Let’s be real , they don’t really mention it in church, it’s like you have to go underground to talk about it. When you’re home it comes up after the bills, after the kids, after dinner, after cleaning, after sports and news. ¬†Lights out and ok now we can touch each other late at night¬† like an afterthought. ¬†Don’t take too long because we have to get back to the more important things on tomorrow.¬† When you do talk about it with your friends, afterwards you feel guilty like you talked about something dirty. ¬†Not I, because it is part of my nature and I’m a very sensual person. I‚Äôm grown and married , not to mention in my prime . ¬†

Most often during marriage at some point your sex life begins to wean. There are a myriad of reasons why, busy lifestyles,¬† kids , jobs, career, money woes, health, ¬†etc, becoming a routine. So let’s prioritize it again. ¬†MzLoveviewz¬†says It’s Ok2sexAgain .

I believe married people should have the best time of their lives.  Especially sexually, that is our language of love to each other.  It is what God ordained for a man and a woman.

Sexcessful  ,meaning more intimacy, sex and lovemaking then last year. 

Some couples leave their zip codes to spice it up.  They go on a trip, to the Caribbean or Poconos, cruise,etc. But once they get back to their zip code back in the little box it goes. To the contrary, bring it on.

Whatever excuses you’ve been using to not engage, drop them. ¬†Now there is no set time frame for frequency, some like it more than others.¬† What is your norm, just increase it and it will be conducive to your marriage. When making love you become one, that is the closest you can become to your spouse.

Be spontaneous, be intriguing, playful, flirty and daring. Tease, scream, pant , be erotic, romantic. Downright naughty.

¬†Do you have any inhibitions? ¬†If you do, this is the year to do away with them. ¬†You’re going to be sexcessful in 2012, because we ‚Äėre going to delve.

Who is the initiator ?  Time for you to reverse the roles.

 Do you make noise? (screams) ughhhh  Silent lovemaking is for turtles, get out of your shell.

 Obviously we have more to talk about so there will be a 2nd part to this.  

Mmmm, yes I will call it positions, places and toys oh my.¬† ¬†It’s going to be Sextacular!



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Who Loves Ya Baby?

Who loves ya Baby?
Remember that little catch phrase from the television series Kojac?
When I was a little girl my father used that as a¬†call and response phrase to¬†say good¬†bye.¬†¬†He would say ”¬†who loves ya baby” , and I would respond with a big smile and say¬†you do¬†daddy. ¬†Recently that has been my catch phrase to my family, to remind them that I love them.¬† Who loves you baby? ¬†It causes you to reflect and answer.¬† God above all else, love’s you , with a matchless love. ¬†Remind your self daily that you are loved. ¬†Know that your mate loves you.¬† Be confident¬†that your mate is considerate of you and has your best interest at heart. ¬†Remember that when you come up against pressure of any kind, on the job, bills,¬† even your own frailty¬†.¬†¬†Remember that when you come up against temptation, demands, ego.¬† Realize¬† they are praying fervently for you.¬† Your mate loves you more than you can imagine and they wouldn’t want you to fret, be discouraged, or fear.¬† You’re home take off that cape,¬†you don’t¬†have to be super man/woman¬†. ¬†Let¬†down your¬†guards ,¬†¬†it’s safe here. ¬†Love is here,¬† your every comfort is here ,your family, food, pet.¬†¬† It’s good to know ,its your weapon against your foes. Go ahead, adopt this phrase.¬†¬†Ask your mate, Who Love’s¬†Ya Baby?¬† The Answer will be priceless!

30 Years- To God Be The Glory!

¬† We were so elated to celebrate our 30th year of marriage.¬† If you count the years we¬† dated , its longer than that.¬† We’ve been asked by many people , what’s your secret, the¬† answer sounds so clich√©, ” If the LORD had not been on our side‚ÄĒ let Israel say‚ÄĒ”Psalm 124v1 (let Carl and Audrey say).¬†

The Lord truly has been the glue that kept us together, not just in name but inflamed with active love.¬† Both of us having a personal relationship with God, coupled with our love and patience¬† toward each other kept us anchored.¬† Of course there were countless times that we wanted to throw our hands up, but we talked and prayed and realized that was the easy way out.¬† There’s a situation, a story, or myriad of things in every relationship, that can cause it to end. Doesn’t mean it should or does.¬† ¬†Don’t take our story out of context, one part does not tell the whole story.¬†¬† If you were not present and privy, ¬†at the beginning and throughout our relationship, it would be hard to understand¬†that a crisis of infidelity could not define our relationship.¬†¬† The bible state’s¬†infidelity is a reason for divorce,¬†¬†it doesn’t say it had to be.¬†¬†¬†The choice was mine’s ¬†alone¬†and it was an easy choice for me than and now.¬†¬†¬†¬† How can I say that , because aside from that , I¬† had no other valid, conceivable issue against my husband.¬† He was and is a wonderful husband to me.¬† You know that song that Jennifer Holiday sings and that verse , my life with him uttered those words literally . He is the best thing I ever had and there was no way, (cue music) I was living without him.¬†¬† The defining part was he sang it first.¬†( I was expecting¬† Beyonc√©¬† and dem to float out on a cloud and sing “we are a family” )¬†¬†

     I know he is the one God ordained for me ,  because having my own relationship with God allowed me to be compassionate for  this Man of God .  I witnessed how he was so broken spiritually because he sinned against God , and broke a vow to his wife .   Although I was devastated, God used me to somehow minister to my husband in his fallen state.   I knew that ,even if we never repaired our relationship he was still a soul and he needed someone to intercede for him at that time.  Our love was stronger, than what came against it.  That was something meant for our demise, yet it gave us new life .   It allowed us to purposely choose each other again.  Nobody but God can do what he did for us. 

     So let it be no secret , put God as the head and the foundation of your marriage  and you can be sure the storms of life will beat against your  relationship , but with God on board your anchor will hold.  

(Cue the organ player, I need an usher circle¬† “breaks out in a praise dance”)