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Wednesday When


It’s Wednesday and here at Ok2LoveAgain we like to call it #WednesdayWhen?
Ask yourself when was the last time you wrote a handwritten love letter to your mate,spouse?
In this society of technology, we text, we tweet, Instagram, Facebook. But remember when you received that handwritten love letter in the mail amid the bills. Coming home after a long day finding a handwritten love letter on your pillow, on your dresser, in the refrigerator. Get giddy with it. It would be priceless, the feelings it would stir up. Makes them feel so special, truly loved.
Sometimes we tend to take each other for granted. You might assume they know, because you come home everyday they should know.
Let’s make sure, take the time buy some pretty stationary, elegant papyrus and pen your feelings. It doesn’t have to be long just sincere, romantic and personal. Spray a little of your fragrance on it.

If you ‘re single write your self a love letter, give it to some one to mail for you. You will be totally surprised receiving it along with the rest of the mail and it will revive you.
Do it today, like right, write now!

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