Terms Of Service

This blog is not intended to replace the advice and instruction of your own
medical, Clergy, legal, etc,,.
Comments are moderated by me as I see fit. I generally do not edit or
otherwise alter comments as long as they provide discussion in the context of
the post.  Simple insults directed at us, or other readers and commenter’s are
typically deleted as soon as I get to them.
This blog is not intended to be offensive, but if you are offended please
accept my apologies and click to a different website.  If you continue to
view this blog while you are offended, you are granting me permission to offend you  further and I will likely take advantage of that.  If I cease to allow you to access my world feel blessed for the time you were honoured to indulge in such sensation I call self.  Not conceited in any way it’s just that I’m a person that knows her self , through trial and era and time.  I  had parents and I had other’s that I was accountable to at different times in my life and at this RightNowTime!, I have neither of those.  I ‘ve been delivered from caring about what people say about me and mines. Life happens and you go on, and as light comes you walk in the light.  Therefore drop your stones verbally or otherwise you can’t cast them here.

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